10 ways to improve the value of your business

CASH FLOW:  This is the most valuable driver for the business valuation. Think of ways to improve the business income in sustainable ways. Buyers will be suspicious of short terms spikes in income. Try to get cash flow as consistent and predictable as possible.

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Earn spotters fee

Do you know of a business for sale or an owner wanting to sell. Send me the lead and if it results in a sale you will earn 10% of my net commission.

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Being your own boss

If you do not make the time to work on creating the life you want then you will eventually be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you do not want.

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Go for a Broker: How to Sell Your Business for More Money

A good business broker can and should be able to sell your business for 20-40 percent more than you could on your own, according to Michelle Seiler-Tucker, president and founder of Better Business Brokers and author of “Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth.” In an article at Small Business Computing, Seiler-Tucker defines a good business broker as someone who, in addition to managing the listing, expertly evaluates a business, knows the market, and connects with buyers.

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  • Assessing a fair market value of your business
  • Assistance with information required
  • Trust and confidentiality in negotiations
  • Providing qualified buyers
  • Matching your business with qualified buyers in our database
  • Marketing plan for the sale of your business
  • Listing your business on our own and top websites we subscribe to
  • Feedback on progress regarding serious buyers
  • Viewing arranged by appointment only
  • Information on what buyers really want
  • Preparation of sale agreements and facilitating the sale process